Mali Farnell Professional Counsellor
(Dip.Prof.Couns, M.A.C.A, M. A.I. P.C)

Mali Farnell is a trained and qualified counsellor who has worked in both the not-for-profit sector and private practice since 2011 seeing individuals and couples presenting with an array of personal issues, most commonly related to anxiety and depression.

Utilising a range of techniques including Person-centred Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy has seen Mali successfully assist many people to learn new skills to manage the way they think, feel and relate to others and their experiences in the world.

A large proportion of Mali’s private practice work sees her engage with couples in relationship counselling, (commonly referred to as couples counselling or marriage counselling), whereby couples learn to open up with one another about their feelings and gain a deeper understanding of their partner’s experience within the relationship. Working through issues together, the intimacy deepens and a new way of communicating and relating to one another evolves.

Mali is committed to helping people draw meaning from their personal experiences as they bring about positive change in their life.

“I find the nature of counselling deeply rewarding and enjoy the caring relationship I share with my clients. I work hard alongside them to achieve the outcomes they desire to improve the quality of their lives…. It’s an honour to do the work I do” – Mali Farnell.

Following are comments made by some of Mali’s clients who have experienced her specialised service…

“Oh my gosh, I wish I had found you earlier. It’s good to be able to be honest about how I feel without the fear of being judged by it”.

“I feel so much better having talked about this, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders”.

“Couples counselling worked really well for us. Initially we were both nervous about going to see a counsellor, but Mali instantly made us feel relaxed so we both felt we could open up. We would recommend anyone who is struggling with their relationship to go and see her”.