Fabric of Life Counselling & Psychotherapy is a professional counselling service located in Cape Paterson not far from Wonthaggi on the beautiful Bass Coast of Victoria, offering private practice face-to-face counselling sessions, Zoom counselling sessions or telephone counselling for both individuals and couples requiring relationship counselling.

At Fabric of Life Counselling we help to make sense of it all by offering a confidential counselling service that aims to:

  • alleviate emotional distress such as depression, anxiety and other health and well-being issues
  • enhance the capacity to cope with a significant loss, or adjust to changes in life, and help fulfil aspirations for personal growth and self-improvement.

Talking to a counsellor can help to gain a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and how these are impacting on your emotional experience.

We all have difficulties from time to time – it’s the fabric of life – but talking to a counsellor can help to weave the threads together in a meaningful way and bring about positive change.